Boats & Gear

Boat Information

We fish out of a fully loaded 25 foot Alumaweld Super Vee Pro, this boat has an 8 foot beam and is very stable.

The powerplant is a 225 H.P. main engine with jet pump for shallow water, and a 9.9 H.P. Kicker. For early mornings, the deck of the boat is lighted.


The one thing about fishing is having fun, and the way to ruin your fun is to have fishing gear that breaks or is in poor condition. We make sure our gear is updated regularly and is tuned for the best fishing experience of your life.

Our rods and reels are matched so, a day on the water, when you are casting your arms do not get tired. We also specialize in light tackle for Steelheading, being the rods are so sensitive you feel every bite and we catch more fish this way. Plus, the fight is one you will never forget.

All of our leaders are tied ahead of time, this way you do not have down time when you break off. We always have a few extra rods rigged, so if you get tangled or break off, you just set the rod down and grab the next one.

Your guide to adventure in Northwest river fishing